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I made a list that started with dancy melodies from the 1940’s, Belgian waffles, Charlie Chaplin, tuxedo tee shirts, freshly blossomed daffodils, golden delicious apples, live New Orleans jazz, cotton candy-flavored bubble gum, a baby giggling at passing gas in the bathtub, misspelled tattoos, grownups who skip, freshly mown grass, hot air balloon festivals, sparrows drunk on fermented berries doing acrobatic flying, elderly nuns who snort when they laugh, a bag of bright blue jelly beans, a plaid graduation gown, convertible cars, flash mobs of preschoolers, old fashioned hat shops, triple scoop ice cream cones, and balloon animals made from rubber gloves.

Soon the list included Bugs Bunny cartoons, public trees wrapped in white twinkle lights, political activists who mispronounce “nuclear”, steam locomotives, old blue jeans that still fit, racing the meter maid to pop a quarter into a parking meter for a stranger’s car, the aroma of hickory smoke on a rainy day, Christmas tree farms, fireman poles in fire houses, life size bronze statues of horses, Pez candies, and making your own popcorn over a camp fire.

Finally I wound up with a loveable rescue dog of undetermined breed, bare feet in warm sand, two snails on a large rock whose trails have been side by side turn for turn for 22 and three quarter inches, a row of twelve Jack O’lanterns none of which have been carved with the same face, Bad Wig Day at work, riding bicycles into the supermarket, a photo of yourself at nine that looks exactly like a photo of your father at nine, balancing your checkbook, teaching yourself to juggle three raw eggs, and inventing a crazy new dance that involves wearing a really big hat and not moving from the waist up, etc.

I love et cetera (etc.); and so on, and so on.

Things that make me smile,…. etc.





4 thoughts on “etc.

  1. Reading your posts to me is like listening to Bob Ross as he paints his happy little trees. I could listen to him all day long and I feel the same way about reading your prose. You have a style that just soothes the soul. I checked you out on Word Worth as well. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Enjoy all your ‘etc.’ Maria

    • Maria,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m feeling a bit off center because I’m so swamped for time I’m a half day behind on all my posts. Trying to catch up, not only with the blog, but my responses to nice folks like yourself. Am looking forward to checking out your latest. Cheers.

    • You’re a sweetheart. And it’s always delightful to hear from you. I’m running like crazy these day with three jobs and barely enough time to get these posts done. But I’m still having fun despite the lack of sleep and free time. Such is the nature of A to Z. Sincere apologies for not responding sooner. Can’t wait to catch up with your wonderful posts. I love the 50-cent survey and the bright flowers. Very nice.

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