Contemplation is a deeply reflective word—a gentle, almost soothing assembly of syllables. You don’t rush contemplation. In fact it’s almost scripture that the word be pronounced with even tones and in the slowest and most meditative manner attainable.

Contemplation is the very kind of pastime for which languorous summer evenings were born. Your shoes in the grass, feet up in a hammock, and nothing more significant than a misty notion noodling around your noggin.

Not even an idea, mind you—just a notion.

Because a notion isn’t demanding. A notion has no outcome of any real consequence. And a notion is the fodder of a ruminating mind, all of which leads us back to… contemplation. Contemplation has oodles of hours to waste batting a notion around until tedium takes hold or the dinner bell rings.

Whereas… an idea? Well, an idea insists your brain get up off its frontal lobes and do a little legwork. An actual idea demands hard, cold calculation and ties up too much gray matter at one time. A single idea is exhausting. But a notion?

Well, with a notion you can…… do it.

Or you can…. not do it.

Or you can do it.

Or not.

And so on.


Because it’s a notion and it’s accountable to no one. And notions are why they invented contemplation. A notion is about as far down on the scale of wistful, glassy-eyed ponderings as a human mind can handle and still be functional.

Here’s an example of a notion:

Since a cat’s voice is already really, really high, wouldn’t it stand to reason that, if you feed a cat helium, its voice would then become so high that only dogs could hear it?

Okay, now that’s a notion. The kind of innocent nonsensical distraction that diverts a brain from all that makes sense in the world. Too much sense actually and far too little room for the soul to breathe.

The sad fact of the matter is that most folks can’t be bothered with contemplation. Apparently nobody with a life has that kind of time on his hands. And still I wonder what my life would be if I never took two minutes or ten hours to step outside myself and ruminate on the origins of a daffodil.

I wonder.





14 thoughts on “Contemplation

  1. So intriguing to read this, have read it twice now and it is as if I still only have a notion, as if what you write is almost etheric, difficult to get a firm grip on. Another word that comes up in my mind here is “intuition”. Do notion and contemplation then feed intuition?

    • I thank you for reading but must also apologize for not being more clear. Certainly didn’t want my readers to struggle with the text.

      As for your question, I think perhaps “notion” is the occurrence of a fresh idea that may or may not be rooted in anything specific. “Contemplation” is how we deal with a notion, rolling it around in our brains to see if it’s worth pursuing. “Intuition”, on the other hand is the springboard of our DNA — it’s the instinct with which all of us are born and it works like a kind of biological radar. Based on your life experience, you either trust your intuition or you don’t.

      Thanks for your thoughtful response. Cheers.

      • Your text is clear (and a great read, as usual). Perhaps I did not take enough time to contemplate before I hit the comment button… I like the way you describe intuition as a biological radar. It’s a nice thought that we are all equipped with it. Perhaps intuition, as well as contemplation, deserve more recognition as “tools”, also within education, working life, etc.

  2. I loved this read. I have on occasion contemplated. It is a good thought to sit and just think on those notions awhile and calm ones self.
    Maybe I will sit and contemplate on the notion or notions…or not.:)

  3. How peaceful I felt while contemplating your post. Then, after I took my sweet time reading it, I had a notion that I might want to catch up on your A and your B. Sorry, but I couldn’t leave it at just a notion, I followed through with the idea.
    Even though I am an uncontrollable blusher, I am unabashedly anticipating, your D post.
    I enjoy your writing.
    I am visiting from A-Z.

    • You’re a winner, lyndagrace. It’s not a common occurrence to receive so glowing a response to my writing. Either you’re buttering me up to borrow some money or you’re one of those rarities in the world — a genuine nice person. I’ll go with the latter. Bless you.

  4. I am contemplating your terrific AtoZ post – I will NOT ask my cat to inhale some helium to teach me about higher vocal range . . BUT – I admit it makes a funny cartoon idea.
    Wonderful day to You!

    • Apologies for not responding sooner to your delightful comment on my “Contemplation” post. If you do end up trying helium on little whiskers, would you send me a polaroid or two. In cartoon form, of course. Thanks for stopping in. Cheers.

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